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Founded and started functioning, bddl Properties Limited became a country leader in addressing the issue of housing for the average earning group. Using 3M (i.e. the resources) bddl Properties Limited built multi storied building and sold them at minimum profit to the people who did not have adequate place to live. It means BDDL provide apartments to those people who can easily afford the place where they want to live. About 10.23 million of people are living in Dhaka city. Of which 45% of people are living in rented house. But this people have the ability to purchase a simple and decent space to live. Considering this sequence BDDL planned to build multi storied building and distribute among those social group.

BDDL Properties Limited had grown to reflect many contributions of varied talents but initially it was a little more than an exciting idea in the mind of two visionary men M. A. Baten Khan applying the highest standards of excellence in all functional area the company achieve economic scale in all projects. On the basis of this the company has provided apartments more than 3000 families.

Professionals of multi-various sectors like engineers, architects, labors and other technical and non-technical staffs have given adequate labor to materialize these projects. On the basis of the aforesaid services and planning the company has gained much profit, which is the output of the total endeavor of the company. In fine it may be defined as a dramatic change in the company’s advancement to new planning.

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The headquarters of bddl Properties Limited is located at Dhanmondi in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. M A Baten Khan the founder and Director, Bithika Yesmin of BDDL Properties Limited were hands-on entrepreneurial managers who, despite an extensive national and international travel schedule, maintains close contact with Dhanmondi staffs, from executive to lower level employees. M. A. Baten Khan continued to work 12 hours per day, seven days a week schedule devoted to eliminating the problem of decent living within the country.

About 120 full time staffs are working in different projects under the organization. The parent organization often provides training, technical support, architectural manuals, floor plan, information service and occasionally some financial support. Of great importance to BDDL are the direct media, marketing and sales operation managed from Dhanmondi. The experienced marketing personnel are gradually expanding the market by adopting various flexible strategic plans considering the situation.

With the fast-increasing problem of Bangladesh housing problem has occupied number one problem in the country. Within the small scale of ability, company mission and vision has reached its goal due to the sincere and arduous efforts of all classes of people related to it. This process will be continued.

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